The Care Ministry Network functions well during the good times as well as the tough times. It’s effective in small churches as well as large churches. It’s applicable in rural as well as suburban and urban areas. It’s Biblical and absolutely adaptable.


A Rural Church

The Care Ministry Network has been a tremendous blessing to our church in numerous ways. It has given us a plan and a strategy that allows us to have ongoing/long-term care for every member of our congregation. Also, it has given each Care Pastor a great sense of responsibility and ownership as they help to tend the flock, not to mention it has helped the congregation to feel they are cared for and loved. The Care Ministry Network has taken a huge burden off of the shoulders of the staff knowing that each member is receiving more than just crisis care. This system is a tool that every church needs to implement.


— Pastor Cody


A Younger Church

This report, on the other hand, comes from a relatively young church that needed a system to reach all their people: We have been using the Care Ministry Network model for our pastoral care for about 18 months. It has been amazing how God has helped us to effectively care for the people of our church as we have implemented this great care model. We have continued to add new Care Pastors and deepen the training for the ones we have. For the first time, we see active body ministry, and our people sense genuine care. As a pastor, I cannot express how it has helped to lighten the load and allow me to give my attention to other pressing matters. I honestly believe there has never been a time in the sixteen-year history of our church when our people have received better care. Thank you, Dr. Bosman, for introducing us to and training us in the Care Ministry Network.


— Pastor Chuck


A Metropolitan Area

The following report comes from a church in a more metropolitan area: I believe in the Care Ministry Network! Our church has experienced a 40 percent growth in attendance since its inception. Much of this growth I attribute to the implementation of this ministry. Our people are getting cared for at a level that we previously were unable to offer them.


The Care Ministry Network has opened up a new avenue of serving for some in the church who have not had the opportunity before in any other area of ministry. As some people are providing care and others are receiving care, they become more dedicated and become a more integral part of the church body. I highly recommend Dr. John Bosman and the Care Ministry Network to any church of any size. This ministry is proven and effective. To us, this is not a program; it is a part of our DNA. With this network in motion, we truly are “caring people caring for people.”


— Pastor Mike


A Video Report

One of the churches produced some video recordings of the results of their Care Ministry. One of the testimonies was from a couple in their church that said they had heard of the Care Ministry Network but didn’t pay too much attention to it. They were doubtful about whether they would like to give care or even receive care. They held this perspective until a doctor diagnosed the husband with cancer. For some reason, he and his wife had to stay at the hospital in a city quite a distance from their home. As I watched this DVD, I could see how his eyes filled with tears time and again as his wife patted his hand and he said, “I had no idea that this is what the Care Ministry Network entailed. Pastor, this is an excellent ministry. Our Care Pastors showed up the very first day I was admitted and came over to see me so many times I cannot even remember. They prayed as people would, who love me.” With tears now freely flowing down his cheeks, he went on to say, “I never expected this attitude. Some of the families in our group prepared meals, others brought food, while yet others helped us with our kids. What we experienced goes way beyond description.”


When Calamity Strikes

In another church, a couple who had been members for many years frankly told their Care Pastors that they did not need them and suggested that instead, they spend their time on some other people who may need their attention. But not too long after that, one of their close family members died unexpectedly. And to everyone’s amazement, they did not call the pastor, but remembered their Care Pastors and called them instead. Sometimes, people think they don’t need care until they need it.


Pause the Wedding

Another remarkable event occurred in a church where a young girl, let’s call her Jenny, fell hopelessly in love with another Christian young man shortly after she graduated from high school. After only a few short weeks of their relationship, Jenny announced their engagement and, to the shock of everyone, also revealed that they were going to get married shortly. Jenny’s parents were some of those who did not think they needed a Care Pastor. They emphatically said they were a happy and stable family, and for all intents and purposes, they were. But now, ever so suddenly, they realized they needed somebody, and being too embarrassed to turn to their pastor, remembered their Care Pastor. Fortunately, Jenny respected the younger Care Pastor couple and was willing to listen to their advice. They lovingly pointed out the risks and dangers and helped her understand that neither she nor the young man was ready for such a massive commitment. They also included the young man in the process and offered to help them both through their journey. It worked out marvelously, as the Care Pastors were instrumental in rescuing two lives before it was too late. It was not the pastor, but an equipped couple in the church who had the gift of mercy with the desire of shepherding, who saved them from an impending disaster and a treacherous cliff.


A Church in a Changing Community

I am Jana Meeks. My husband, Randy, and I pastor Lindale Church in Houston, Texas. I am the Care Ministry Director for our church. We began our Care Group Ministry in March of 2015. It has been a HUGE blessing to us and highly successful in connecting the members to the church body. We have sixteen groups of varying sizes and each has their own unique and particular personality. What the members all have in common is a sincere and heartfelt knowledge that they are all loved and necessary to the church and to each other. As pastors, we have seen a vastly improved avenue of information regarding the health and crisis situation in our church. Our people don’t fall through the cracks or become lost in the shuffle. Critical information that sometimes eluded us in the past now has a direct and clear path through our Group Leaders. It just works!


When Storm Clouds Gather

During the recent storm, much of our city flooded. Many of our members suffered great loss, with some losing all they ever possessed. We implemented the Care Ministry System in our congregation almost four years ago. During the storm, our Care Leaders stayed in touch with their members and kept us, the church leadership, informed as to everyone’s condition. One of our Care Leaders became extremely concerned for one of their families who was stranded while the water kept rising until it was waist deep. This family consisted of an elderly lady, with Alzheimer’s, and four other members. There was no way for them to get out, and rescuers did not seem to know they needed help. The Group Leaders kept phone contact with the family and let us know of their plight.


We were finally able to reach a Harris County Sheriff friend who got the attention of a rescue team with a boat, and they were plucked out of their flooded home. Their Leaders stayed with them, continued to minister to them, and helped get them into a hotel.


Another Leader on the other side of town was alerted to the fact that one of his families of four was critically stranded in their home. Their cars were already submerged as the water continued to rise in their home. Their Group Leader decided to step in and drove to the scene as close as he could and then waded through the tainted flood water for many blocks to reach his family group. He got there just in time. He personally carried one of the kids and some belongings, while the dad and mom were able to carry the other child along with whatever little possessions they could manage. Their house and what was left in it was completely lost, but their lives were spared. Gabe took them home with him, where they stayed with his family until they could get another place to live. Robert and Millie will never forget what their Care Leaders did for them. We could go on and on to tell you more about the courageous deeds of our devoted Care Leaders, thanks to the Care Ministry!


— Pastor Jana



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