The key to launching an effective care ministry within a local church is by equipping, training, and developing church members to become Care Pastor (or whatever designation a church decides upon) in partnership with their pastor. It will be unthinkable to release people into this important aspect of ministry without having made sure they understand the concept and know how to apply the values. Although they are not going to replace the pastor, they are certainly going to represent the pastor and also their church.


Knowing that “Care Pastors” have been well trained, provides validity to the care ministry and simultaneously make the “Care Pastors” more acceptable by fellow members.


The process we follow for training is clearly explained in the Handbooks. The basic requirement is to arrange for a Care Pastors Training Conference, an event that all potential Care Pastors should attend. There should be no exception.


For training purposes, the following is required:

  1. All pastors and leaders should have a copy of both The Textbook as well as the Handbook for Pastors and Leaders.
  2. All attendees should have a copy of the Handbook for Participants.
  3. Pastors and leaders (who will be doing the training) should each have a copy of The Training Guide for Facilitators.
  4. All attendees (potential "Care Pastors") should each have a copy of The Training Guide for Participants.



What are The Training Guides... How do I get them?

The Training Guide for Facilitators is designed specifically for the person(s) who will be doing the training and development during your Training Conference. The companion manual is called The Training Guide for Participants which is essential for each person in attendance. Effective training cannot be done without these training manuals.


Throughout these training guides, references are made back to the Care Revolution Textbook (C.R.) as well as the Handbook (H.B.) for clear understanding of the concept.


To get the Training Guides, use the submission form on our "Contact Page"


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