The Care Ministry Network is an authentic

and proven system of congregational care,

which enables God’s people to care for one another.

Care Ministry Network International is an independent ministry organization that functions under the umbrella of SpiritWind International Inc. - a State of Texas registered 501(c)(3) Corporation.


Although its initial inspiration comes from Dr. Mel Steinbron, CMNi presents a most contemporary approach with a newly created concept and up to date training resources, with modern day vernacular, to assist leaders and participants alike. All of these materials have been written and produced by CMNi Founder, Dr. John W. Bosman. There is no other model quite like the CMNi concept to be found anywhere.




To develop a significant number of members in a congregation to adequately care for one another and thereby closing the proverbial back door and making sure that no one falls through the cracks.





Care Ministry Network International comes alongside pastors and churches to facilitate a partnership between the vocational ministers and the volunteer members to provide proficient, ongoing and loving care to all their members.


This is accomplished by providing pastors and churches with a demonstrated model through which they can equip and develop their members to provide authentic congregational care to one another.


Our call is to best serve the body of Christ by functioning trans-denominationally, trans-culturally, and internationally.


We aim to serve schools of higher education, seminaries, pastors, local churches, and other Christian organizations by providing useful and proven resources, materials, and conferences, through which care partners can be developed.


We purpose to help churches to cultivate a culture of care, which is more than an added-on program.



We are not...


The Care Ministry Network and its supposition have no resemblance, reference or any relationship to the Shepherding Movement of several years ago and should not be confused with it in the least.


The concept of the Care Ministry Network is confidently not intended to make the local church turn inward or become ingrown. It does not propose a turning away from winning the lost or discipling new converts.

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