You've read the Care Revolution Textbook, which describes WHY we need a new paradigm for Pastoral Care (see below) and also provides the principles, philosophy, and Scriptural foundation for establishing a system of care in the local congregation.


Now... read the Handbooks which describe the HOW of a proven new concept for congregational care. These NEW books provide simple-to-follow step-by-step instructions how to launch an effective congregational care system.


There are two versions of the Care Revolution Handbook.


One Handbook is designed especially with pastors and leaders in mind; the other is for church members who will serve in the care ministry network.


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The Care Revolution Handbook for Pastors and Leaders has two sections. The first section deals with intricate directions for implementing the Care Ministry Network in the local church successfully. It provides pastors and leaders with step-by-step directions to announce, launch, and roll out the care system in their churches. The second section comprises all the relevant supplemental resources: setting up the launch, arranging for a training conference, sermon outlines for pastors, sample letters for the rollout, position descriptions for every role, application forms for potential Care Pastors, a graduation certificate template, and the list goes on. All these supplemental resources are downloadable; go to “Downloads


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The Care Revolution Handbook for Participants contains the same information as Section One of The Care Revolution Handbook for Pastors and Leaders but without Section Two, which contains the supplementals. Two thoughts drove that choice. First, participants (who may be potential care pastors) really do not need and (preferably) should not have the same information as the pastors. Also, eliminating the second section makes the participant handbook more affordable, which is important, especially since each person in attendance should have a personal copy.


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The Care Revolution Textbook is the original book that came out and describes in detail the philosophy, theology, and principles of the Care Revolution. It forms the foundation of the care concept and is a must read, especially for pastors and leaders. The Care Revolution introduces us to a new revelation, called The Great Commitment, which flows out of The Great Commandment. This reality opens the door to a new paradigm for pastoral care which is based on “love your neighbor as yourself.”


The Care Revolution Textbook is an exhaustive resource for pastors and leaders that contains much more than only the concepts of o local congregation care system. Many pastors have said they wished they had this book in their hands many years ago.


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