John W. Bosman



Dr. John W. Bosman is the founder and president of both SpiritWind International and CMNi. He is the author of the Care Revolution book which is used as the textbook for developing care ministry in local churches.


Over the past fifteen years, John has launched powerful leadership networks in South Africa. He annually conducts major leadership conferences in that country where thousands of pastors and church leaders receive training and encouragement.


Born in Zimbabwe and raised in the Republic of South Africa, John entered into full-time ministry in 1970 and successfully pastored several churches in South Africa. John and his family immigrated to the United States in January 1986.


Immediately before entering into his present international ministry, John served for fifteen years as Senior Pastor of the fast-growing Glad Tidings Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Under his leadership the church grew from fewer than five hundred to a thriving congregation which now occupies a 3,500-seat, state-of-the-art worship center.


He served in both regional and national leadership roles within his denomination as well as serving as a member of the Board of Regents for a stateside university and a Bible College in Russia. He is also the founder of both the JWB Institute for Leadership and Laity Development and Hamilton Christian Academy.


John is a gifted speaker and often invited to minister at  major church events and leadership conferences. He is also the author of various teaching manuals that assist pastors to help their people grow spiritually and equip them for ministry.  Personally, John is married to Anne (also an ordained minister), has two sons, John & Jayce, a beautiful daughter in law and five grandsons.


Dr. Bosman wrote the first CMNi materials in 1990 in response to his association with Dr. Mel Steinbron. Since then,  CMNi has been presented to many congregations as a tool for ‘closing the back door’ in churches around the world.

Randal E. Smith

Executive Director


Dr. Randal Smith, in conjunction with his role in CMNi, is the co-founder and President of Clearpoint Coaching. He brings a wealth of experience to his role as a Leadership and Executive Coach. After 35 years of work in religious and non-profit arenas, Randal brings clarity and success to business and professional leaders and the organizations they serve.


Past experiences ranged from music performances in educational, academic and church settings to a 13 year career as an associate pastor for various churches in the mid south and midwest. One of his positions brought him to John Bosman’s staff in the late 1980′s. In 1992, Randal became the Senior Pastor of First Assembly of God in Lynn, MA, a pastorate he maintained until 2014.


An accomplished public speaker, Randal has been in front of people his entire adult life. However, his gifts enable him to excel at working with people on a personal level and in seminar and conference settings.  He leverages his past experience as president of a homeless services agency, denominational executive, pastor and educator to effect change and bring hope to a wide variety of people and organizations.


Randal is a certified coach and received a Doctorate in Professional Leadership and Coaching in 2016. Personally, Randal follows Boston’s pro sports teams and KU basketball. He is the husband to Beckie and the proud father of two adult sons, a wonderful daughter in law and one grandson who live in the Boston area.


Randal introduced John to Mel Steinbron while on staff in Lake Charles. Together, they worked on some of the first iterations of the CMNi material at Glad Tidings. In 2015, they reunited to develop CMNi into a suite of resources, ministries and promotional materials to expand its impact.

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