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The Care Revolution explains the WHY of a congregational care system; the Care Revolution HANDBOOK describes the HOW.


Where the Care Revolution Textbook describes the principles, philosophy, and theology of creating a congregational care system in the local church; the purpose-designed companions, the Care Revolution Handbook, explains step-by-step how to launch an effective congregational care system.


There are two versions of the Care Revolution Handbook. One is for pastors and leaders; the other is for church members who will serve in the care ministry network. This is the Care Revolution Handbook for Participants.


The Handbook for Pastors and Leaders is designed specifically with them in mind. It contains all the relevant information to cast the vision, design the network, launch the concept, and maintain it effectively. It is replete with a section that includes all the supplemental material that is required to implement this powerful system. Everything has been thought of and all the work has been done for pastors and leaders. An additional Handbook for Participants is available and includes the same material as the Handbook for Pastors and Leaders but without Section 2 (which contains all the supplemental material).


These are the primary differences between the two versions:


The Pastors and Leaders version

  1. Comprises two sections that include supplemental material to assist them in launching the care ministry successfully.
  2. Highlights distinct, underlined words in the text that correspond to blank spaces in the participant version.
  3. Contains specific guidelines to help facilitate the training process.


The Participant version

  1. Contains a single section, which is identical to the first section of the pastors and leaders version.
  2. Has blank spaces in the text that correspond to the underlined words in the pastors and leaders version.
  3. Aligns with the page numbers of the pastors and leaders version.



Every person who is involved in the Care Ministry Network should have a personal copy of the appropriate Care Revolution Handbook. This is essential not only for the training process, but also (probably even more so) for continual reference as they serve in the ministry.

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